Drawing from Nature – Weekend Workshop

Three people attended the first of 4 workshops planned through-out this summer. This one was held at UC Santa Cruz Arboretum and a better day couldn’t have been planned! The weather was stunning (85 F) and so was the garden. Tons of blooms, hummingbirds swooping in display.

May at UC Arboretum

Sketching at the Arboretum

I spent a fair amount of time discussing the philosophy behind journaling, then we got down to work practicing ‘seeing’.

Field sketching at UC Arboretum

Contour drawing






Jon, a fire fighter, whose sketchbooks are amazing! I loved his reasoning behind keeping a sketchbook…..to have something to give to his children, to have them know another facet of him.





Gesture drawing

Cal has been working on a series of comic style illustrations with an upcoming show in Watsonville.






Memory drawing



Ruthe is a trained environmental scientist.

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