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About The Artist

A freelance scientific and natural history illustrator since 1998, Cynthia's work ranges from environmental education materials and publication/advertising to fine art, employing a number of traditional techniques.  Cynthia is also a dedicated and committed art instructor, assisting students from advanced artists to beginning painters seeking to develop skills.

With master's degrees from Stanford University in education and from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in science communication/illustration, Cynthia has mastered the building blocks to create art in varied media.  She has a complete understanding of color theory, composition, and drawing, and uses her experience to guide art students nationally and globally.

She is affiliated with art centers in California and Washington State. Cynthia is described by her students as an instructor who is generous with her time and talent, extending both to benefit those who seek to learn about art.

Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, science and art have been twinned influences in my work. Drawing and painting bring me close to my subjects, and as a meditative practice, it allows me to slow down enough to ask questions. When drawing anything, it seems that  many more questions arise than are answered by mere observation. The interplay of rendering and questioning is my primary learning mode and is exciting and gratifying.  It's not surprising then, that I would gravitate to Jean Cocteau's quote, "Art is science made clear", which I whole-heartedly embrace. I've tried to introduce various aspects of the method of 'draw - question - draw' to my students when I teach, and they often surprise themselves with their discoveries. And really, isn't that what it's all about, to revel in the joy of discovery?

- Cynthia Armstrong