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Tackling Tuscan Buildings

In a few weeks, I will be teaching a class at the Watermill at Posara, north of Piza in Tuscany.  While it would be lovely to just paint pasta, fruit stands, maybe the occasional poppy field, I know I'll have to help people tackle Tuscan architecture.  To that end, I've been practicing a variety of styles to accommodate a range of skill sets I anticipate students to bring to the class. 

I've enjoyed playing with wet-into-wet for a looser, more impressionistic style.  After all, this is a holiday painting workshop, not a drafting class.  Save that for sweating it out at home.

One of my favorite British watercolor artists is Sara Midda; her South of France book is lovely.  Her style has a sweet whimsy to it that I admire and feel could inspire many entertaining spot illustrations in our Italian journal.

Perspective play
Piazza Navona
Italian Steps
Simplify Shapes
Limited Palette