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Tackling Tuscan Buildings

16 August 2022
In a few weeks, I will be teaching a class at the Watermill at Posara, north of Piza in Tuscany.  While it would be lovely to just paint pasta, fruit stands, maybe the occasional poppy field, I know I'll have to help people tackle Tuscan architecture.  To that end, I've been practicing a variety of styles to accommodate a range of skill sets I anticipate students to bring to the class.  I've enjoyed playing with wet-into-wet for a looser, more impressionistic style.  After all, this is a h...

Wabi Sabi: Flawed Beauty

14 August 2022
Wabi sabi is a quintessential Japanese aesthetic that can inspire our own art.  A minimalist counter-point to the slick, saccharine and strictly prescribed standards of beauty that we, in America, seem to adhere to, it is the realization of beauty to be found in things impermanent, imperfect, incomplete and unconventional.  Developing an appreciation for wabi sabi can greatly inform our own rationale as artists by freeing us up from Western ideals of beauty and allowing us the space to take...

Affirmation Journal: or What to do with failed watercolors

08 August 2022
Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who reminded me of the power behind affirmations.  Years ago, I admit when I first encountered the concept of using affirmations to retrain the inner dialogue I did a mental eye roll, but then I thought it's probably like taking a deep breath or drinking more water through out the other words, it can't hurt.   It might just help. I dug around my studio and found a lovely hand bound journal I'd been meaning to do something with, som...

Accordion Books/Folio

26 July 2022
Lately, I’ve been attempting to clean up my studio; a most daunting task at times.  I have projects in progress  and scores of completed small watercolor or gouache pieces laying about.  Often these are samples or demonstration pieces for classes I’ve been teaching recently (and not so recently).   I decided to try to archive and store these little works where they can still be accessed and enjoyed.  Thus, the accordion book/folio. The accordion book came into my radar during a class I...

Holiday Painting Party 2021

06 December 2021
We had a fun day throwing the paint around, creating fun holiday projects. Here are a few results.

Fun Forms: Nature Illustration in Fungus Fair Posters

09 January 2020
Thrilled to be featured at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History….past fungus fair posters. Fun Forms: Nature Illustration in Fungus Fair Posters //

National Public Garden Workshops

18 April 2019
I’ll be teaching a series of 3 botanical themed workshops at the UCSC Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. May 15, 16, & 18, 2019. Learn to sketch botanical wonders!

Art in the Garden

13 February 2019
Thrilled to be an ‘Artist in the Garden’ during the Home Garden Tour sponsored by the UCSC Arboretum – April 27, 2019; 10am to 4pm I’ll be hosted by a generous Arboretum supporter, meeting and greeting visitors as I paint and sketch her lovely garden. Lush succulents surround lemon trees.

Botanical Revisted

11 November 2016
My friend, Gerardo Aymard, sent me a photo today of the plant he had me illustrate back in 2003: Tetracera boomii G.Aymard C. I had a plant pressing to work from….dead, brown, not terribly exciting. Nice to see it in living color!