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Affirmation Journal: or What to do with failed watercolors

Affirmation journal

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who reminded me of the power behind affirmations.  Years ago, I admit when I first encountered the concept of using affirmations to retrain the inner dialogue I did a mental eye roll, but then I thought it's probably like taking a deep breath or drinking more water through out the other words, it can't hurt.   It might just help.

I dug around my studio and found a lovely hand bound journal I'd been meaning to do something with, someday.   That day was today.  I'll be the first to admit that my handwriting is NOT the greatest.  It's legible, but barely.   I did bit of googling and found that I could take Post-It notes, attach them to a sheet of paper and run them through the printer (kudos here to for the idea). Problem solved.   

I was happily filling my little journal with all sorts of empowering phrases and thought, 'What if I had loads and loads of washi tape to keep them put?'  Now, I don't mind pinching a penny here and there, and this morning I plain REFUSED to go on Amazon and buy, buy, buy.   I mean, I have on hand plenty of failed watercolors.  Why not just use double sided tape and cut out my own colorful washi tape?  It works!  Now to implement those affirmations.

Template for Post-It notes

Run template/Post-Its thru printer

Double sided tape on back of watercolor

Double sided tape on watercolors

Trim DIY washi

Trim new DIY Washi

Attach watercolor bits to secure Post-It loose ends