Advanced Gouache Topic: All that Glitters

Advanced Gouache Topic: All that Glitters

Course description:   

Having a working understanding of the properties of gouache, this one week class (plus critique session) will explore how to paint metal objects.  We will learn to look closely at reflective surfaces and suss out how to create those shiny objects and glittery properties.  Experience in gouache is necessary. 

March 27, 2023

Class: 3 hours, 10am to 1pm.

Critique session TBD:  1 hour


Materials list:

Sealable palette:

Sealable palette - Mijello Martin airtight watercolor 18 well palette. OR

Transon paint storage palette box, 24 wells. OR 

SAA Standard - deluxe palette box - This can be used to store airtight a piece of plexiglass as your palette.

I sourced all above on Amazon


Paper & Supports:  Arches 140# Hot press paper (standard sheets are most economical - to be cut down)  or Cottonwood Arts Laminated Cold Press sheets (available through their website) 9 x 12 inches.


Brushes:   A selection of cheap synthetic flat wash &  angled shaders.   Sizes between 1/4inch to 1 inch (Princeton 3750).  Really, any flat synthetic brush will work.  I have several of each of the following sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. 


You will also need a couple of pointed rounds (also synthetic), sizes: 0 and 2 for painting details.



Any quality brand: Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Holbein (avoid acryla gouache).

Modified palette:  (From these you can create essential color mixes)

  1. Cadmium Lemon
  2. Cadmium Yellow Medium
  3. Cadmium Red Light
  4. Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  5. Permanent Rose (or Primary Magenta or Quinacridone Magenta) 
  6. Ultramarine Blue
  7. Phthalo Blue
  8. Phthalo Green
  9. Yellow Ochre
  10. Titanium white - 37ml ( more opaque than Zinc),  you’ll be going through LOTS of white.


The Full Monty Palette: (In addition to those above). Below is NOT required, but if you want to beef up your palette for this and following topic series.....  just sayin’.


  1. Cadmium Orange
  2. Cadmium Red Deep
  3. Winsor Violet (aka Dioxazine Violet)
  4. Cobalt Blue
  5. Cerulean Blue
  6. Cypress Green
  7. Cobalt Turquoise Light
  8. Chromium Oxide Green
  9. Sap Green
  10. Burnt Sienna
  11. Burnt Umber
  12. Red Ochre
  13. Perylene Violet


Backing board & Tape - for watercolor sheet segments, not necessary if you are using a watercolor block or laminated boards.   


Two water containers


Sponge or blotting cloth (to clean brushes)


Paper towels


Sketch paper & pencil 


Various still life objects.  Mostly things from around the house.

Price: $90.00

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